My thoughts at the end of this evening –

1. No violence. All protests have been peaceful. For those of you who disagreed with the court’s decision, you have done Trayvon Martin’s memory well. Trayvon would be proud.

2. As a minority and a liberal… I honestly don’t know if George Zimmerman is guilty? What I do know? The prosecution didn’t prove his guilt. I found both sides of this case (defense and prosecution) to be absolutely pitiful. For all the time both sides were given,  both seemed unprepared, inarticulate, and rushed. We rightfully live in a country where your guilt must be proven, and if the prosecution doesn’t show up, you’re an innocent man.

3. I’m not convinced the jury acted in a bigoted or racist way. If the prosecution had proven Zimmerman to be guilty, and THEN the jury found him to be “not guilty” then I would be up in arms. I hate to speak in generalities, but if you are angered over the decision, and also feel that it was based on some kind of bigotry and/or racism, then you’re automatically conceding that the prosecution succeeded in proving Zimmerman’s guilt. I just don’t think they did.

4. The Judge should not have questioned Zimmerman about why he wasn’t taking the stand. To me, this was obstruction and such an action would have given great grounds for appeal, had the jury found Zimmerman guilty. Judge Nelson did not do any favors for the prosecution.

Last point – at a time when Gay Marriage has indirectly become legalized, our US Senate has just passed an amnesty plan, and America is on the heals of re-electing a black man, with Arab roots, as our President…. I just don’t think its fair to try and create a narrative that America has, somehow, taken a step back. I love our country, and as a minority, I think we are progressing well. No, we’re not perfect, but we are making great strides – strides that I would hate to see diminished because of the opposing narrative that currently seems to be the universal response to this trial (for those who disagreed with the decision, at least).

So how would I characterize this trial?

It was not political. It was tragic. We lost a young man to a quarrel that didn’t need to happen. In addition, another young man’s life is also potentially ruined. Again, this wasn’t about race to me… and it was not a microcosm that represented a larger picture of America either.

It was a tragedy. Simple as that.

Written by Miguel Ali
Miguel Ali is a film producer/director, published author, political pundit and healthcare entrepreneur.