This Lufthansa plane crash explanation isn’t addin…

This Lufthansa plane crash explanation isn’t adding up to me because cockpits don’t have locks on the doors – please tell me if I’m wrong?

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Time to donate blood!

Time to donate blood!

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My iPhone just autocorrected “awesome” to “awesome…

My iPhone just autocorrected “awesome” to “awesomeness”


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Open letter to @DevalPatrick & request for him…

Open letter to @DevalPatrick & request for him to run for #POTUS…

#politics #p2 #DNC

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Open Letter to Governor @DevalPatrick

Dearest Governor Patrick –

I’m not a resident of Massachusetts, but I graduated from Groton School, which I proudly attended for five years. Of course, you’re a Milton guy, so I feel like we have some kinship. I currently live in California where I am a healthcare entrepreneur as well as a film producer. Not to long ago, I was also a political commentator and published author, but I left politics to pursue my passions in film and business.

Nonetheless, I’m emailing you because as a loyal Democrat, I want to say the following –

You need to run for President.

I’m not voting for Hilary Clinton. She’s a fine woman, but I do not see innovation within her record. More importantly, I rarely see her stepping out of her own box, in order to make a point. But you? Governor Patrick, as we would say here in Silicon Valley, you have a history of disruption, spotlighting issues that should be corrected, risking your political career with every controversial statement (and you always seem to be right).

It was a telling moment when we had the inundation of immigrants this past summer, on the Mexican border. Governor Martin O’Malley said the immigrants should stay, but that they weren’t welcome in Maryland. This is why he won’t be getting my vote. But you? You defended the immigrants, suggested they stay in America, and welcomed them to Massachusetts.

I also recall, in 2008, when the Democratic Party was still grappling with the acceptance of gay marriage, you proudly marched in the gay parade of Massachusetts and declared that the Democratic Party universally accept gay marriage. You may not think that was a big deal, but at the time, you were the highest ranking Democrat to so boldly celebrate gay marriage.

Governor Patrick, moments like these reflect the leadership guts that we need in the White House.

Of course, your day-to-day management is also impressive. Your business record in Massachusetts is strong, as no one can deny that Massachusetts has become both a tech hub and media hub, with startups blossoming at various accelerators, as well as an increase in film productions. You were a major part of this economic boom, due to the fact that you made sure regulations wouldn’t impede either industry, as well as keeping business taxes friendly, and in some cases, even offering intelligent incentives.

And lastly, the public schools of Massachusetts have always been strong and your record would suggest that you strengthened a system that was already great.

With all of this together, you would make a terrific President. And with the honest of exceptions of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Kirstin Gillibrand, I don’t know of anyone else in the Party who would make a finer President. And quite frankly, despite my affections for the New York politicians (Cuomo and Gillibrand) and I think you are the best candidate in our Party, particularly because of your convictions.

Governor Patrick – your country needs you. You need to run…. and forgive my criticism, but you would be selfish to not share your leadership with the nation.

With great affection and love – Miguel Ali

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It’s 2 AM…. the Mighty Mighty Seneca is still pa…

It’s 2 AM…. the Mighty Mighty Seneca is still partying….

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So grateful to @HenrySchein with all of their assi…

So grateful to @HenrySchein with all of their assistance on my latest entrepreneurial endeavour – can’t wait to announce it this summer :)

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JIMMY GRAHAM BABY!!!!! #Seahawks



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Autocorrect changed a word of mine to a friends na…

Autocorrect changed a word of mine to a friends name who passed away a few years ago. Sigh. Maybe his way of saying hi? Miss you Garrett.

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Seeking a kick-ass Mobile App Developer based in L…

Seeking a kick-ass Mobile App Developer based in LA, OC or SF. Any leads, feel free to tweet or leave a comment – thank you friends!

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